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1. Fair Prices

We provide our suppliers with the opportunity to undertake work to fit around their existing client base. If, as a supplier, you don’t want to do a job at the suggested price you don’t have to, there is no obligation. If you do, then you can pick up additional business at no charge.

2. Client Service Support

Our Service Delivery Team is available 24/7/365. This means we are always on hand to help and assist you and our customers. If a situation arises where you cannot perform the job, you can call us as soon as you find out so that we can find cover and take the concerns away from you.

3. Fair Payment Terms

There is no waiting around or chasing us for payment. We use a virtual credit card system to minimise reconciliation issues and ensure that we pay suppliers promptly, or where necessary we work with suppliers on specific payment terms and pay 30 days after the invoice date.

4. Simple Administration

Our supplier portal enables suppliers to upload and maintain company information and contact details.

5. Back Up

For our coach and minibus suppliers we can help with under capacity and we offer a planned and emergency coach replacement service.

Another record year for CMAC

We are proud to have managed the safe transport of nearly a million passengers and found rooms for the night for over fifteen thousand people during 2017. All the bookings for planned transport and accommodation and the many emergency requests we received were dealt with by our Service Delivery Team, which provides a 24/7/365 service to ensure that we always deliver.


We believe in making moving your people safely, simple.

We offer peace of mind to our clients that we will move them and their people with consideration and safely.

We treat people how we would want to be treated.

We care for our clients and their clients, our suppliers and our colleagues treating them all with respect.

The CMAC Service Delivery Team is available night and day, every day of the year
CMAC has a nationwide network of over 4000 vetted and approved suppliers
We invest in technology to ensure the best possible customer experience