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C-MAC Partnership Ltd (‘CMAC’) incorporates all companies and/or organisations trading under this parent company including Coach Hire Booking, Delay Divert Solutions, Flight Delay Services, Business Continuity Transport and Travel Management Solutions.

‘Supplier’ refers to you being the company that will supply transport for us in accordance with this agreement.

This agreement sets out the requirements CMAC expects from the Supplier.

This agreement does not guarantee any fixed work for the Supplier. CMAC can only offer the Supplier work when it becomes available to CMAC.


Supplier Responsibilities

Supplier Warranties

The Supplier guarantees and warrants to CMAC that;

Health and Safety

The Supplier shall provide the services in accordance with all Laws, including but not limited to, relevant health, safety and environmental legislation, regulations, local authority bylaws and industry codes of practice.

CMAC may require that the Supplier removes any personnel in relation to the services required by CMAC if;

The Supplier shall;


This clause sets out the liability of the parties.

Nothing in this agreement shall exclude parties’ liability or limit liability for;

The Supplier shall be liable for and hold CMAC harmless from all claims and all direct, indirect losses including costs, proceedings, damages and expenses awarded against CMAC as a result from the following from the Supplier;

CMAC partnership shall not be liable to the Supplier in any way for:


Under all governing legislation (including Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981) the Supplier must have the following insurance policies:

The Supplier must supply CMAC with copies of these insurance policies.

CMAC will not use the Supplier’s Services if CMAC do not have copies of these insurance policies and are not satisfied with the insurance.


Intellectual Property

Where required and solely for the purpose of the performance of the Suppliers obligations under this agreement, CMAC grants the Supplier a royalty-free, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence in the UK only to use CMAC’s trademarks and materials as strictly set out by CMAC.

Materials can include;

CMAC have the right to revoke this consent at any time.

In the event CMAC revoke this right all materials featuring any CMAC trademarks whatsoever must be completely destroyed.


Confidentiality and Data Protection

Each party confirms it shall not at any time, during or after this agreement, disclose confidential information to any person and shall keep such confidential information secret, secure and confidential.

Each party may disclose confidential information if it is required by a Court of law.

Confidential Information does not include;

The Supplier shall not use CMAC’s confidential information for any other purpose other than to perform its obligations.

Parties shall only share personal data between themselves in order to complete the services required in the agreement.

Specific employee details will be required by CMAC partnership and the Supplier must supply these (in accordance with legislation) in order to complete the services.

No personal data shall be passed onto a third party without explicit authorisation from the party involved.


Record Keeping and Audit

The Supplier must keep at the main place of business, full, accurate and up to date record books of accounts showing all payments made in connection to this agreement.

CMAC is entitled to request to see any of these records in connection with the services of this agreement.


Force Majeure

An Affected party will not be in breach of this agreement or otherwise liable for any such failure or delay in the performance of their obligations if an event outside of their control such as, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, lockouts, slowdowns, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, or any other event that prevents them from fulfilling their obligations.

The affected party shall;


The Supplier shall not be entitled to sub-contract any of the Suppliers obligations under this agreement except with the prior written consent by CMAC Partnership.

The appointment of such sub-contractor will be the responsibility of the Supplier.


Supplier Portal

In order to work with us you will need to be registered on our Partner Portal.



The web address for the portal is:

You will need to use an email address for your username and create a password that you can remember.

If you have already been registered using the same email an error message will show and you will need to get a password reminder.

If you have completed any work for CMAC previously, please speak with the supplier relations team (01254 355131) in order for your company profile to remain intact and not become a duplication

In order to get a password reminder, from the home screen [] click on the bold ‘here’ button, select forgotten password, fill in your email address and a new password will be sent to you.



You are required to ensure your portal is up to date with all contact details and information.

You are required to regularly maintain your portal including vehicle information.

You are required to regularly update the portal with your availability.

If you are unsure how to do this please refer to the manual or contact us.


Compliance Documents

In compliance with Section 12 Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981 ‘A public service vehicle shall not be used on a road for carrying passengers for hire or reward except under a PSV Supplier’s licence.’

The Supplier is required by law to hold a valid Supplier’s Licence, Liability Insurance and Fleet Insurance for their vehicles.

It is the Suppliers’ responsibility to upload their compliance documents on to their profile within the partner portal.

It is the Suppliers’ responsibility to ensure expired documents are replaced and valid, in date copies are always displayed on the partner portal.

Without these documents we are unable to work with you.

If a licence gets revoked or there are changes to a licence it is the Supplier’s responsibility to inform CMAC Partnership at the very earliest.

Acceptable ways of informing CMAC is by E-mail or Telephone. The Supplier must ensure CMAC is fully informed.


Service Feedbacks

In the event of a complaint the Supplier must cooperate fully with all investigations and questioning by CMAC partnership.

The Supplier must be willing to show CMAC any damage made to the vehicles and allow communication to any employees and witnesses.

The Supplier must work with CMAC to ensure the complaint is resolved quickly and efficiently.

If the Supplier is verbally informed of a complaint from a CMAC customer the Supplier must inform CMAC at the earliest possible time.



Any cancellation charges must be agreed verbally, and in writing, at the time of cancellation.

Cancellation charges agreed must be done so prior to invoicing. Any subsequent invoices received that have not been correctly agreed as above, will not be paid


Waiting time

Waiting time charges must be agreed at the time of tracking, or within 24 ‘working’ hours of the completion of the booking.

Waiting time charges received on invoices that have not been pre-agreed, will not be paid


Price confirming

Where agreed rates are not in place, prices should be agreed prior to acceptance of a booking.

When prices are agreed prior to acceptance CMAC will allow two working days after job completion for the supplier to communicate any events that differed from the original acceptance.

Upon acceptance of emergency work where our rates will be confirmed.

Where the final price of emergency work will be based upon an unknown variable, for example distance covered or number of hours worked; CMAC will contact the supplier within 3 working days of completion to agree the final price.


Booking Process

CMAC will communicate with the Supplier to see if the Supplier has availability for a specific job.

CMAC will obtain a quote from the Supplier and will confirm whether or not they would like to book the Supplier for the job.

In the case of a booking CMAC will send a confirmation over to the Supplier.

The Supplier is required to make themselves familiar with the details of the booking to ensure they will be arriving on time.

The Supplier will have to sign and return the confirmation.

In the event a confirmation is not signed and returned CMAC will be entitled to find another Supplier to cover the job.

The Supplier will be given a job number which they should make note of and quote when communicating with CMAC.

Private hire payment terms, set out within the Payment Terms section, must be agreed upon acceptance of the booking.


Expectations of Supplier

Provide driver details

On the completion of a booking the Supplier is required to provide CMAC with the driver and vehicle details.

These details include name, contact number and vehicle registration number.

If these details change at any time it is important the Supplier informs CMAC as soon as possible.

Driver Requirements

The driver must be suitably qualified and experienced and should at all times hold a PCV Licence.

The driver is expected to be professional, polite and cooperative towards customers/passengers at all times.

Where the job has been pre-planned with the Supplier the driver is expected to wear a uniform or dress smartly in shirt, trousers and suitable footwear (e.g. trainers and sandals are not acceptable.)

In the case of emergency work (last minute booking) the driver should wear reasonable clothing and should not wear any clothing that may be found to be offensive.

The driver shall not use a mobile phone whilst driving.

Where communication is required the driver must comply with all legislation governing the subject.

When necessary the driver should use a suitable Bluetooth device and should only make or receive calls when absolutely necessary.

When on duty the driver should not drink alcohol at all. When off duty the driver may drink in moderation and in no way that would make them over the blood alcohol legal limits when they are back on duty.

Smoking is not permitted whilst driving or in the presence of customers.

The driver is responsible for knowing the route they need to take, including having any maps or navigational equipment that they may need.

The driver shall not alter or amend the itinerary without the consent from CMAC.

The driver must comply with all speed limits and abide by all laws of the road.



The Supplier will receive a confirmation setting out all the details of the job.

If the Supplier has any concerns over the times or any other aspect of the job they must contact CMAC as soon as possible.

The Supplier must sign the confirmation to confirm they have read and agreed to all the details and terms and conditions attached.

Without a signed and returned confirmation CMAC are entitled to use an alternative Supplier.


Expectations of CMAC Partnership

CMAC Partnership must inform the Supplier of any changes to any booking as soon as possible.

CMAC Partnership must ensure they have sent and received confirmation which ensures all details are correct.

CMAC Partnership must ensure the price is agreed by all and is clear on the confirmation.



Invoice Format

All invoices must include our name and address, CMAC Partnership, Suite 12, The Globe Centre, St James Square, Accrington, BB5 0RE.

All invoices must include your company name and address.

All invoices must be sent to CMAC Accounts (

All invoices must have the date of invoicing.

All invoices MUST display our unique job reference number, service/journey details, service/journey date, and the agreed service/journey price.

All invoices MUST have the bank details for the Supplier.

All invoices MUST have your VAT number and VAT amount if applicable, and total amount owed.


Payment Terms

CMAC work on a 30 day payment term unless agreed in writing by a CMAC Manager.

For private hire jobs CMAC pays invoices upon receipt, payment will be effected in the supplier’s bank account within 7 working days.


Invoice Queries

In the event an invoice has a query this must be brought to the attention of the Supplier or CMAC as early as possible.

Invoices will not be paid until any queries have been resolved.

CMAC cannot make amendments to Supplier invoices. Credit notes or a new invoice must be received