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CMAC is the UK’s leading dedicated provider of ground transport and accommodation. We offer tailored, planned and emergency ground transport and accommodation solutions, providing taxis, minibuses, coaches and hotel rooms throughout the UK. We make moving people safely simple - freeing clients from hassle and providing peace of mind whether they need one taxi or 100 coaches.

Exceptional service

Our UK based Service Delivery Team is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, taking prearranged and emergency bookings and dealing with questions and issues. The team takes pride in its can-do attitude and open, honest communication with clients and suppliers. This, and their considerable experience, is always invaluable but particularly so for those clients who rely on them to deal with emergency and complex requirements. We want to make our clients’ lives simpler.

The UK’s largest supplier network

CMAC has the largest network of corporate ground transportation solutions in the UK, with over 4000 vetted and approved suppliers nationwide moving over one million people a year. We provide clients with the vehicles they need, where they need them and the peace of mind that all necessary documentation is in place to satisfy their duty of care.

Negotiated rates

We work in partnership with our suppliers offering them regular work and a five star promise that includes fair payment terms. Because of this working relationship and because we understand the market we are able to negotiate competitive rates for our clients, saving them the hassle of getting competitive quotes and negotiating with a number of suppliers

Technology to make it simple

We have an industry leading bespoke IT system, which is constantly evolving, improving the speed and efficiency of our service. For example, through integration with two of the largest despatch systems in the UK, the system provides real time supplier availability and ETAs for taxis.

Clients can make and access bookings via a portal to the system, and we have also worked with a number of clients to integrate their systems with ours in order to simplify bookings for them. The system offers consolidated billing and the option of management information reports if required.

Award winning emergency capabilities

Over 65% of the people we move are done so in emergency situations. Our clients rely on us to react quickly and effectively when required, however demanding their requirements. We have proven our ability in arranging emergency transport and accommodation time and time again and received multiple awards for our performance.


2007 Peter Slater and Steve Turner see an opportunity in offering a managed transport and accommodation service to businesses and individuals and set up CMAC, trading as Coach Hire Booking, Delay Divert Solutions and Travel Management Solutions.

2007 CMAC launches Business Continuity Transport and becomes the first ever dedicated business continuity transport provider, offering clients the opportunity to include passenger transport in their plans and have the peace of mind of knowing that should they need it the plan can be activated at any time with one call to CMAC.

2010 The eruption of Grimsvotn, Iceland's most active volcano, causes chaos to air travel. CMAC proves its worth to the airline industry, organising emergency delay and divert solutions and securing Delay Divert’s reputation.

2015 CMAC acquires Flight Delay Service, increasing its share of the flight delay divert sector and adding a satellite office at Manchester Airport.

2016 CMAC launches door to door service for cruise companies and other travel operators, providing a simple solution for them to offer their customers this additional service.

2016 CMAC wins Specialist Company of the Year at the CIR Business Continuity Awards.

2016 CMAC pioneers the use of Barclays PrecisionPay, making it possible to pay suppliers immediately when required.

2017 CMAC moves over one million passengers in a year and achieves turnover in excess of £30 million.

2017 CMAC launches coach breakdown services, offering coach operators the peace of mind that they can easily arrange onward transport for their passengers in the event that one of their coaches is unable to complete its scheduled journey.

2018 CMAC wins Specialist Company of the Year and Strategy in Partnership at the CIR Business Continuity Awards

2018 CMAC acquires Cabfind to develop its managed taxis business, creating the largest network of corporate ground transportation solutions in the UK.

CMAC Group acquires Cabfind to build largest network of corporate ground transportation solutions in the UK

The acquisition expands the group’s ground transport offering, creating the largest available network of private hire, executive vehicles and coaches in the UK.


We believe in making moving people safely, simple.

We offer our clients the peace of mind that we will move them and their people safely and with consideration.

We treat people how we would want to be treated.

We care for our clients and their clients, our suppliers and our colleagues, treating them all with respect.

The CMAC Service Delivery Team is available night and day, every day of the year
CMAC has a nationwide network of over 4000 vetted and approved suppliers
We invest in technology to ensure the best possible customer experience